How do I know who loves me

How do I know who loves me

Show love of looks A person can predict if the person in front of him has feelings of love or love or admiration through his gaze to him, the eyes and their eyes can show a lot of different feelings, sometimes considered the eye to the window, to reach the nature of people, interests, and feelings by looking at it, the resulting expressions, and their reactions to what is happening.

How do I know who loves me


Signs of love or admiration in looks Luminosity of the eyes: If you look at the person you love and saw his eyes shine when you attend, this is evidence of love or admiration, and the reason is that the human body responds to admiration and love, so the moisture of the eyes is greater, and the eyes appear to be flashing. Look for more evidence of the feelings of the person you love about you.

Brow lift: Based on the analysis of body movement and body language, the person raises his eyebrows to the top when he sees what he likes, or raises his attention, or draws his eye, and therefore raises his eyebrows when seeing the person who loves or has certain feelings, this simple gesture can feel you The love of a certain person, and your interest.

Look for long periods or stare at you: People who love other people seem to look at their eyes longer and for longer periods. Those who are not interested or have no feelings of love may look at you for a while and then look at you every few seconds , But the person who is loving or loving will try to look at you for longer periods of time. If you have noticed that you love him, he will extend your eyes while the admiration seems clear. This may be a very strong sign that indicates feelings that are beyond the feelings of friendship or brotherhood of the person the one you love.

Look at you when you joke: Who loves you try to draw your eyes to the smallest things, trying to throw jokes to laugh and leave a good impression of you, and so he looks at you directly when you give jokes to see your reaction to what he does, and in a clearer expression shows who loves you more interest Especially in the presence of other people with you. Psychology has shown that lengthening a person’s eyes may cause an attraction. When you look at a person for a longer period of time, the body releases hormones that are responsible for the attraction in the body.

Enlargement of the pupil: The pupil expands on your presence if it loves you. The pupil looks wider, a natural reaction to the body that exists in both men and women.

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