Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the secrets of life that very few people realize. It can be said that the Law of Attraction expresses man’s work as a magnet that attracts all that he wants and thinks about him. His thoughts and emotions are attracted to what he thinks. To leave his thoughts and emotions uncontrolled; but that would generate a lot of misconceptions and negative feelings in some cases that attract undesirable things, and you can simply say that the law of attraction is the ability to attract one of everything focused on his thoughts towards him, Regardless of age, gender or beliefs.

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that all that the mind holds is achievable, and all thoughts will eventually become reality on the ground. If a person focuses on his thoughts and feelings on negative things, he will attract to himself the various negative things he thinks, While if he thought in a positive way and dominated by good feelings, it attracts all that is good, the work of the law of attraction in the use of the power of the mind to translate the ideas and feelings and embodiment to become a reality.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is known as the mystery of great men. It is the law that changed the lives of many people. It is the individual’s use of his mental powers to focus on everything he wants, and it must be accompanied by the imagination that he has got what he wants constantly, What he wants, some may think that the law of attraction works very simply; however, it requires strong mental focus on the goals to be achieved with the pursuit of achieving and non-laziness, with the pursuit of dream and positive thinking it becomes an opportunity to achieve greater, and requires the law of attraction to work successfully that The individual performs daily exercises that enable him to Use the Law of Attraction effectively.

Application of the Law of Attraction The law of attraction is not a fantasy, but standing science behind it, and it can be said that even if one did not understand the realities of quantum physics, it does not mind to take advantage of the law of attraction and knowledge of the extent of the role of the mind in shaping an individual’s life and the world around him, and the use of the law Attraction and its application can follow the following:


Attraction and its application can follow the following:

  • Make the mind rest and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • This increases the strength of the brain while the mind remains calm. This step is optional; however, it is preferred to do it initially.
  • To make sure that what is desired and what is to be achieved, and to be keen to be strong one of the things he wants to obtain, the law of universal attraction includes that one sends signals to the universe what he wants, to return it, so one must know what he wants and avoid sending signals cosmic wrong returns to him what he does not want.
  • The application to the universe, reflected in one’s view of the desired thing as his own.
  • Write down the wishes and things to be achieved, avoid the use of the negation formula, and prefer to use the positive formula and record the aspirations and goals every day, with the imagination of access and access to and insist on it.
  • Sensing the achievement of security or the desired goal; one must act as if he is getting what he wants.
  • The gratitude of one who gets what he wants or what he wants, and it is possible to write down every beautiful thing he has received in his life and to die for those blessings, and must show gratitude for everything that happened to him in his life and everything that happened to him, and the belief that all that is happening is Good for him, this would push him towards achieving his desire faster.
  • Trust in the ability to reach and achieve the desired goal and achieve patience and perseverance, and the law of attraction that should not be angry in the event of the expected thing, and should not be busy and concern in the search for ways to achieve things, but simply seek the goal with confidence in the ability to achieve.

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