How to make someone love you

How to make someone love you

Love, many people wonder how to make myself loved, and how to instill this love in everyone’s hearts. Love is one of a number of attributes and work in it. In this article we will discuss a set of results that must be characterized by everyone to be loved by everyone; to know what love is.

Love is not a limited feeling between a male and a female. It is a very great relationship between a friend, a mother, her son and a family. Love is to make all those around you love to talk to you, to see you, to care for your things and to grieve you.


How to make someone love you

  • The method of talking and listening Good: When a person begins to speak, you should not interrupt, listen to him, accept the other opinion, to confuse people to talk to you and always be positive feedback, and when criticism must be politely without embarrassing or embarrassing, and pick the right words in the talk, The other funny words must laugh in a way that is not funny and not funny, and not take all things seriously and seriously must know the right time for joking or seriousness, and feel the person you sit with him that you are very happy to sit with him and his talk.
  • Self-confidence: Always cultivate within yourself self-confidence and that you are loved by everyone, and you must move away from negative thoughts and negative people, and let them see the positive things in your personality, do not mention your equality in front of everyone and be good attitude and treatment.
  • Using body language: The body language expresses a lot of what is inside you. The speaker attracts you to look at you. When talking to anyone, your body is straight, and the tone of the voice plays an important role, so the sound of your voice is sufficient to convey your idea without being taken negatively.
  • Keep clean: clean your personal cleanliness and attract everyone to you. Keep your teeth clean; clean your body daily, wear stylish, clean, and airy clothes. Use a nice fragrance and light, pay attention to clean shoes, change daily jaundice, arrange hair and keep your living trim.
  • Smile: The smile is the secret of love and feels the one who looks at you with happiness and love and leave a beautiful impression on all you know, always be a face and do not exaggerate laughter, making them look at you as a naive and joker to adjust everything. Eyes: When you look into the eyes of any person you talk to, I feel that you are interested in him to have the same feeling.
  • Lying and hypocrisy: Stay away from lies and talk between people and cause problems between them, this would hate people in you and sit with you.
  • Exchange of gifts and visits: When the occasion comes for one of your friends you have to congratulate him, with a simple gift to sow love between you.

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