How to make someone think of you

How to make someone think of you

How-to make-someone-think-of-you

People wonder how you can get someone to look at you, make them think of you always, of course there are several ways but they all need intelligence, planning and patience, and must follow a policy depends on the nature of the relationship and knowledge between you and This person also depends on the nature and personality of this person.

If the person is strange, it is necessary to find a way to get closer to him first and then draw his attention, but if a person close or knowledge it is much easier because in this case it is easy to know what he likes and what he desires and what his requirements are, and therefore easy to reach your goal, You also need to know whether he is interested in people or that he is attracted by vanity and neglect, and most importantly, learning that he is interested in one way or another or is in relationship with someone.


But in general there are several rules and foundations to make the person loved and desirable:

  • To be a pleasant, gentle, polite and elegant person in his dealings in a way that makes everyone who sees him praise his morals.
  • The person is confident of himself strongly, self-confidence reflects on the person positive energy affects the people around him and see him also admiration and positive.
  • To be elegant and attractive, to always enjoy the beautiful appearance and distinctive smell.


How to make someone think of you

The special touches, such as the shy smile, the soft word, the soft twist and the simple gift, move the heart, compose feelings and temper the atmosphere. It would be nice to add special and distinctive initiatives, which make the person busy with you and think about the reasons that led you to do these things.

Of course, everyone has their own characteristics and characteristics that are different from others and it would be very wonderful to show these qualities to draw attention and love the rhythm of the beloved. If you realize how special and different you are from others, then you will only be able to make this quilt realize how special you are.

But you have to be sure of your feelings and your desire to get close to this person. Playing with people’s feelings is ugly and very selfish and boring, so you have to think carefully and take responsibility for your actions. Do not hesitate and retreat after the other person becomes interested in you.

Conscious and aware of the consequences and sensitive to the feelings of people.

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