The Secret of the Law of Attraction

The Secret of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is defined as an intellectual law, which indicates that all that we have achieved in our daily lives is only the result of the thoughts of our past, which were embodied and realized by our deep thinking as a kind of attraction.

Secret of Attraction

The Law of Attraction recognizes that our ideas today are the ones that make our future possible. The power of ideas that a person embraces, believes in, lays in thinking about and retrieves, can be achieved as a result of attraction to her, whether positive attitudes or thoughts, or positive ones, They come in the form of wishes, or dreams, as well as fantasies of naphtha, which we will see through the law of attraction. These things may be material wishes, such as owning a property or a car, or even a job or a job. What we have.

The actual application of the Law of Attraction

There are three things that ask the person to apply the law of attraction correctly, and get the desired, namely:

  • The request is that the person write on the paper what he wants or what he wishes, and looks at them, and also thinking about them always, to be imprinted in his mind.
  • Faith: the belief in God completely and absolutely, and the belief that what is required will be achieved, and this faith in achieving what the soul aspires to achieve this moment of demand.
  • Response: This step comes after the previous two steps, where a person must feel in advance as if what he hoped had happened and was fully attracted, and here lies the real response.

The ideas of man act as frequencies sent to the universe from within the human mind, and say specialists and scholars and interested in the law of attraction, that each idea can be measured according to their own frequency, and everything we think is automatically sent to the universe, to come back to us again either verified or checked, It has no supernatural power; on the contrary, it is very natural.

The three steps to apply the law of attraction

  • The first steps come from our thoughts, where we ask what we implicitly internal intellectually.
  • The second step comes as a cosmic sign or answer, where feeling is strong that what was in our mind is on its way to verification.
  • The third step comes in parallel, so when we feel that there is a cosmic answer that comes to us through our thinking, we also send a signal to the absolute universe of our actual need for what we feel is approaching and attracted to us.

It remains to be noted that the law of attraction is not a law with precise scientific rules or laws, but rather a theory that calls for optimism and confidence in what a human will draw through positive thinking that improves his life and performance.

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