Talk about success and excellence

Talk about success and excellence

Success is one of the most beautiful things that a person expects in his life and in each of his personal affairs. Success is an invaluable and measured success. Here you will find words of success and excellence.

success and excellence

Talk about success and excellence

  • Without idiots, others would not have achieved any success.
  • We would hide and hide our ideas, lying and lying.
  • In the end, we will make a definite profit, but the most deceptive and most powerful types of deceit are the deceit we practice on ourselves.
  • If we see the progress of the successors around us, we find that each one of them has a story of suffering accompanied by the beginning and contributed to the success of the successes in which the failures of fuel and motivation to persevere ..
  • The wings that do not flutter do not fly, who wanted to hide the clouds of the sky must bear the pain that pain is what He will carry it up.
  • A successful person + humility and sincerity = success in the world and the hereafter a successful person + ego and love of fame = loss in the world and the Hereafter.
  • Do not choose in the leadership position those who refer to what is higher than their role in success or victory.
  • Any success achieved only by the failure of others is in fact a defeat wearing the clothes of victory.
  • None of us can achieve success by working alone.
  • Winners will be those who have reshaped the flow of information in their companies.
  • All we need to succeed in life is ignorance and trust.
  • Many failures in life are people who have not realized how close they are to success when they are free.
  • It is good to celebrate success but more importantly to draw lessons and lessons from failure. Your success and your happiness lie in you.
  • The tail of the fox helps us to succeed more than the claws of the dam.
  • Failure with honor is better than success by failure.
  • People do not reach the garden of success, without going through the stations of fatigue, failure and despair, and the strong will does not prolong standing in these stations.
  • The will to succeed is important, but the most important is the willingness to prepare for success.
  • The true will of the human being is like a hidden force moving behind his back, pushing him forward on the road to success.
  • He grows with time to prevent him from stopping or retreating.
  • Nothing is necessary to succeed after trusting God more than perseverance because it transcends all obstacles.
  • The fruit of success comes from long patience.
  • To succeed, you need to be more successful than your fear of failure.
  • When you are successful you do not think you will be relaxed to enjoy it, as no one will let you.
  • If the lift succeeds to hang, use the stair degree ladder.
  • Before one tries to become successful, one has to try to be a valuable person, and then success comes automatically.
  • Success is sometimes a bad teacher, because it makes the smart ones think they are not losing.
  • Success comes from the right decisions, the right decisions come from the proper assessment of things, and the proper assessment comes from experiences, and experiences come from the wrong assessment of things.
  • The first rule of success that surpasses any other rule is the possession of energy.
  • It is important to know how to focus, tame and direct it on important things, rather than dispelling them and squandering them on trivial and useless things.
  • Success is not measured by one’s life, as measured by the difficulties that overcome it.
  • We really start the path of success once we win the (I) inside of each of us.
  • History is the memory of the nations, or a great laboratory of human experience, with the equations of success for those who can formulate it.
  • The success of a decision depends on two things: the information available, and the mind that makes the decision.
  • The basis for success in management is to maximize the power of others, and the least possible weakness of others.
  • Winning in battles is not a complete success.
  • The complete success is to break the resistance of the enemy without fighting.
  • Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets.
  • Success .. is to move from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.
  • The paths of success and ways of many, if I sought some of them not only what I arrived and sought to walk others, but I am to look for yourself on other paths of success, and to explore new paths never before, so as to be successful and creative.
  • Success does not require much science, but it needs wisdom.
  • Focus is the foundation of success in politics, in business, in business, and in all human relationships.
  • The secret of success in life is to face its constant difficulties in the storm revolution.
  • Success is the result of small judgments that accumulate day after day.
  • Success is not always the product of revolutionary ideas, and its key is often a simple one.
  • It is not enough to reach success.
  • It is important to stay successful.
  • If we do not find the path to success, we have to invent it.
  • The success dictionary does not contain a word (but). Fidelity Seven – tenths of success in action. I love success, so I always seek it .. and the best thing is that I am always quick after every success I achieve to prostrate thanks God.
  • Anyone who has achieved financial and practical success will tell you that at the beginning of your life you must work smartly and painfully.
  • You have to pay for success in advance and in full, and there is no shortcut.
  • Success at home first.
  • The secret of success is the system .. A regimen that destroys the chaos in your life.
  • The secret to success is to learn how to use pain and pleasure instead of allowing pain and pleasure to use you. Those who want success are bold. Do not be too afraid of failure or loss.
  • It would be great to be the peak of success, but what is more terrifying than that, my friend, is to join together with you and me, to get together there.
  • You who want to succeed respect other distinguished people and learns from them.
  • The secret of success is being firm on the goal.
  • The failure is largely determined by the things we allow, while success is determined by the things we do. Every success has enemies.
  • Go to sleep feeling that you are successful every night and completely satisfied, and in the end you will succeed in planting the idea of ​​success in your subconscious mind, I think you were born to succeed, and wonders will happen whenever I call God.
  • No one monopolizes success for himself, success belongs to those who pay the price.
  • Be organized and straight in your life, and will be the most successful in your business.
  • In the failure station increased the reach of success; stand up .. What strangest people this thief comes out on his victim is asking God cover and success. The most common failure is when one approaches success, one finds a previous step. Success in marriage does not require you to marry the right person ..
  • Success requires that you are the right person. It is a mistake to consider success or failure to be the monopoly of the presence or absence of one man.
  • I do not think there is a real success that is believed to have achieved the success he wants. Success is the smallest part of the experience.
  • Success is the result of the right opinion and the right opinion is the result of experience and experience is the result of failure to make judgments. The ability to leave .. the basis of success.
  • When you have no choice but to succeed in what you do, miracles fall on you from heaven.
  • The secret of success in short does not confuse. Failure is not a failure. Failure is the ignorance of the reasons for failure.
  • That the requirements for success may be made if you do not have.
  • Success remains in everything that has the effect of magic in spirit and self-realization.
  • Success is born small and then grows with the days if the owner of the education and training, even if in small quantities.
  • The secret of success is literature, even if it is a false literature with no origin and no separation. The price of success is far less than the price of failure.
  • The origins of success are four: planning, working, patience, and trusting God.
  • Psychological power is the land on which trees of success grow.
  • Fame does not matter .. Who does not correspond success to fame? Your emotional interest in your partner and family equals success in life, happiness and what follows.
  • The friction with the privileged increases the chances of successful change.
  • Much of man’s success or failure is borne by man alone. It is not a condition to be young and young to achieve success, the condition to be serious and perseverance to reach it.
  • It is worth to say that success is as calm, moving and not costing.
  • We may not exaggerate if we say that a successful personality is what you imagine the success you want. Faith in talent is success and sticking to it is excellence.
  • Failure is not a failure, it seems, but one of the ways successes tells you that it is not here at this point. What fail is only the key to open the doors of success.

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