Ways to make someone loves you

Ways to make someone loves you


Love is the highest human emotion that can be felt by the human, the love and respect of others, which affects the way of life positively, and can be generated in humans this state of feeling towards someone, as a result of the actions and behaviors of the other person, and some people like to have On the love of certain people so we will show in this article some ways that contribute to make others love him.

Ways to make someone loves you

Mastering the art of listening

You have to show interest in talking to each other by listening to him and concentrating fully on what he says. If you listen carefully to what he says, he will turn to you every time he wants to talk to someone, which enhances communication between you.


Self-confidence is one of the most cherished traits that express a strong personality, so you have to be confident of yourself and your actions, and you must move away from fear, confusion and shame.



You have to make some sacrifices, and do not wait for the offer of helping others. This leads to the satisfaction of God and the love of the people.


A tolerant man is one who has no hatred in his heart or hatred for anyone. A person always feels safe when speaking to a tolerant person. He knows in his heart that if he sins with him one day, he will forgive him willingly.

Attention to others

Take care of the other party and remember the special occasions, and make sure to provide congratulations through the use of words and kind and beautiful, and gave some beautiful gifts that contribute to the introduction of pleasure, and the smile to the heart of the other person, it reflects the extent of interest in it.


You will be loved if you develop your personality and develop yourself for the better. If you have a bad character that alienates others, you should strive to change them until you are loved.


The smile

You look nicer when you smile, and the smile has a beautiful charm that can affect the hearts and make them interact with you affectionately.

Fun style

You can use the fun style during the conversation, such as remembering a joke that matches the subject of the conversation, telling a story, or a funny story that happened with you, but beware of exaggerating the fun, as this person may feel that you are not interested in his talk or that you are a trifle.

Eye language

You should look at the other person’s eyes while talking to him, as the convergence of the eyes during the conversation makes people closer.


The maintenance of cleanliness, elegance makes the person feel confident and strong personality, and this feeling move to the other party contributes to his love for his personality.


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